Where do I embed nojax.js?

<script src="//"></script>

Embed a reference to nojax.js between the <head> tags with. Use "http://" instead of "//" if you're working locally.

All Versions:

File Version Size Date Notes
nojax.js 1 7.1KB Sep 30, 2014 Current, recommended, minified version.
nojax-src.js 1 16.7KB Sep 30, 2014 Current full source version.
nojax-1.js 1 7.1KB Sep 30, 2014 Minified version.
nojax-1-src.js 1 16.7KB Sep 30, 2014 Full source version.
nojax-dev.js 1.X 16.7KB Mar 29, 2015 Latest, possibly unstable, development version.