What is nojax.js?

I removed the "JavaScript And XML" from AJAX for you! No more configuring routes or programming ajax requests. You can use it for links, forms, and already-loaded content.

<script src="//"></script>

<div id="viewer"></div>
<a href="/page.html" target="viewer">Link</a>

Yes, it really is just that simple!

As an alternative to clicking on a link and having it load as a completely new page, with nojax.js, the link can instead fetch the request and put its content into an existing element of your choice (such as a <div>). It simply changes what a link's "target" attribute can be used for and does the ajax automatically in the background for you (and, yes, it works with jquery).

nojax.js can effectively convert a traditional website made up of individual pages to a single page app. This site is a live example of this. No onclicks, complex object-oriented programming, json or xml formatting, or even any new syntax to learn. A truly code-free ajax-driven website or app requiring nothing more than embedding nojax.js and plain old HTML. Sweet!